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Damages: What if something gets damaged? We trust you will take good care of your rental items.  Sometimes accidental damage does occur.  Please discuss any damages with Sandy to determine a fair resolution.  Replacement values will be no greater than fair market value of the damaged item.


How do I prepare the rental items for return?  All items should be food free and rinsed in a mild soapy water.  Please then drain, place in compostible bag provided, and return to original packaging.  


Can I return unused items for a credit?  We're sorry. We can not issue a credit for unused items.  


Can I receive my rental a few days prior to my event to give me time to prepare?  YES!!  Our standard rental contract is for 5 days at no additional charge.  You should totally enjoy your event and having time to prepare is all part of that enjoyment.  We will work with you to determine the best timing for you before and after your event. 


All products are reclaimed - you are reducing waste and getting a chance to enjoy authentic vintage collections.


Creating unique table settings are an extension of love to your guests. The China Grove offers personalized service from the owner/designer directly.




No minimum quantities or packs - Rent only the pieces you truly want!


Extended 5 day rental period is standard and offered at no additional charge.  It's your event and you should have the time to enjoy it!

Complimentary delivery or pick up - Your choice!  Up to 25 miles roundtrip from our shop.




We purchase and accept donations of excellent condition fine china, glassware, and flatware.  Simply text a photo to Sandy at 978.457.6929 for more information. 


Rental pricing per piece

Plate (dinner) $2.75
Plate (salad/luncheon/dessert) $2.50

Plate (bread/butter/appetizer) $1.50

Bowl (coupe soup/cereal) $2.50

Bowl (fruit/sauce) $1.50

Teacup/saucer set $2.00
Mug $1.50


Colored glass plate (salad/luncheon/dessert) $3.00

Water/Wine glass $2.00 and up
Champagne glass $2.00 and up
Barware $1.50 and up

Tumbler $1.50 and up


Flatware (silver plated) $.75 per piece

Flatware (stainless) $.50 per piece
Steak knife (high quality, vintage look) $2.00


Serving pieces (platters, large bowls, punch bowls, sugar/creamers, etc) $2.00 and up

Rental inventory may be available for retail purchasing. Please inquire.


Quality rental linens:
Napkins $1.25 and up
Table covers in multiple sizes are available.

Please inquire.

*pricing subject to change

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