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Hello and thank you for visiting.

I appreciate your interest in my women owned local business. If you are looking for an inclusive, eco friendly, and creative rental or gift shopping experience, you are in the right place. At The China Grove:

We value The Earth - by encouraging reuse, by using recyclable/eco friendly packaging, by seeking sustainable products and sourcing locally.

We value Our Community - we highlight local makers, LGBTQ+ is valued here, and we seek to pair with socially responsible companies.

We value YOU - by offering high quality products and unique options that reflect your style - all in a friendly environment that is customer focused with transparent pricing for all.

The owner, Sandy Keene, grew up in the hospitality industry and later worked in multiple restaurant, hotel, and catering settings. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Virginia Tech, and more than 18 years in retail merchandising and design experience, she is ready, willing, and able to assist with your next event or gift shopping needs.

Reach out to Sandy anytime by phone 978.457.6929 or visit the studio/gift shop soon. We will have a great time together!

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