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Town Candles: Essex County Candle Co.

PriceFrom $16.95
  • Essex County Candles

    Candles born from a love of New England history and the parts that make it so special. Each signature scent compliments its namesake and is inspired by the history of the town. 

    We pour them all locally by hand in small batches. Be assured they are beautiful, sustainable and of the highest quality. All natural soy wax, vegan, phthalate-free, lead free, cotton wicks.


    *Looking for a different town? Contact us for a custom town candle!

    Groveland - raspberry, cyprus, pine and mint blend beautifully to honor the history of the town's Pine Speedway and natural riverfront. The resulting scent is a subtle evergreen meets fruit.

    Haverhill - moss, cedar, leather, and orange - this town's history for shoe manufacturing was the inspiration for this scent.  You have to try it...the orange tempers the leather and it really smells delightful!

    West Newbury - cented with pine, currant, and vanilla, with a hint of backyard firepits with friends 

    Newburyport - scented with cardamom, orange peel, and sea salt to remind you of the ocean breeze

    Plum Island - citrus, sea salt, and cedar - to remind us of the shoreline surrounding the island all with a hint of fresh citrus

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