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Welcome to the China Grove

We are an established dishware rental company and gift shop located in beautiful West Newbury, Massachusetts on the North Shore of Boston.   

The owner, Sandy Keene, has taken an eco friendly and creative approach to event rentals.  Our reclaimed vintage inventory not only looks great, it also promotes reuse and reduces waste.  Sandy's dedication to the environment and to her clients equates to a rental experience like no other.  


Specializing in reclaimed vintage china and stoneware, glassware, flatware and accessories, and locally sourced gifts.


From farmhouse casual to city fancy, we have your look.  Rent our authentic pieces of history and become part of their legacy story! 

Creative and Legacy inspired:

Renting authentic vintage china, glassware, and flatware will elevate your event and reflect your personal style.  It's a conversation starter, too. 


Eco friendly:

Do you strive to make a difference and lessen your impact to the environment? We do, too!   

    * ALL inventory is sourced locally

    * using, gifting, and renting items that are already in the market place reducing manufacturing and waste 

    *packaging is recyclable and reusable 

    *plain boxes and bags with no imprinting or excess labeling 



We welcome everyone here!  Join us in supporting and CELEBRATING diversity.    


Promoting local:

Your purchase or rental CAN help build your community!  

    *purchase gifts and favors made by local hands and from local products

    *enlist the help of other event professionals in our local network to give them work


Transparent pricing:

You have the right to recieve a high quality of service and product at a reasonable price.  

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